Watch Video Of Girl Stripped Neakeady For Stealing Biscuit In Anambra State

So, a video has been circulation on the web about a girl who was caught stealing biscuit in Anambra State. According to comments and post made about her, it is alleged that she was caught while burgling a house to steal biscuit.

She was then stripped off her top and left bare chested while getting questioned by the community vigilantes who apparently caught her.

When will Nigerians especially Igbos stop this perversion all in the name of “jungle justice”. What do they stand to gain by stripping her naked? She only stole “biscuit” and she received such treatment while politicians are walking the streets freely after stealing all our resources and money…Click next to watch video.

Is this the right way to treat her for stealing? Watch video below and let us have your opinion on this.


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