Comedian, Oluwa Dolarz Calls Out Prince Shola Oniru For Assaults

Popular Instagram comedian Oluwa Dolarz has taken to his social media page to accuse Prince Shola Oniru of allegedly assaulting him for parking his car behind his.

The comedian revealed that the Prince had wanted to leave a scene and his car had blocked the Prince’s car out. He then came out to reverse his car so the Prince could drive out, only for him to assault him leaving his mouth bruised.

He wrote:

All because I parked my car behind your car … I came peacefully to reverse my car the next thing you did was to punch my mouth and slap me … without me saying a word PRINCE SHOLA OF ONIRU YOU ARE FUCKED UP … your royalty is trash … you don’t know what royalty is all about … you are a bully and a mistake

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