EFCC Stormed My House Accused Me Of Cyber Crime – Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe, whose son Ditan Okupe is in President Buhari’s campaign team took to Twitter to disclose that the EFCC just stormed his house.

According to Doyin Okupe, the EFCC who stormed his house in Ilupeju area of Lagos had no letter of invitation or warrant, but just asked him to follow them. He further alleged that he was accused of cyber crime.

He wrote;

Efcc just stormed my house in Ilupeju Lagos asking me to follow them. No letter . No letter of IV no warrant. Saturday!

The officers finally agreed to leave on d promise I will see them Monday. Offence.. CYBER CRIME

The men from Efcc left my house finally after I promised them that I will be in their office on Monday.

In a discussion over the development, Mr Okupe told PREMIUM TIMES the agents said he had done something that violated the Cybercrime Act, a repressive law enacted shortly before President Goodluck Jonathan left office in 2015.

“They knocked and I told them to come in, but when they identified themselves as being from the EFCC, I asked for letter of invitation or arrest warrant, but they could not provide either,” Mr Okupe said.

“I immediately said I cannot follow them that they should give me time and also go back and obtain a warrant or invitation letter.”

“They said they are looking for me for cyberstalking,” he added. “But they have now left my house and I did not follow them.”

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