How Bulletproof Pastor Dropped Out Of School To Start His Church

Investigation into the life of controversial Bulletproof pastor, gives his real name as David Mmiriogwu – the pastor changed his name to David Elijah after he launched his church.

The investigation showed that David attended Presbyterian Secondary School, Ogbor Hill in Aba from JSS1-SS1 after which he dropped out. He however now has a ‘Dr.’ title attached to his name.

According to sources, while still at the school, the bulletproof Pastor will leave the school during break periods to attend ministries, before he finally decided to drop out of school to launch his.

His first church was opened at Ukaegbu Road, Aba and his miracle was making people bleed on the face after rubbing his white handkerchief on them.

The pastor reportedly got busted in Aba and didn’t get much followers due to his queer miracles, he then moved his church to Owerri, then to Port-Harcourt before finally relocating to Enugu.


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