Lady Stabs Her Boyfriend As they Making Love Together

A teenage girl has been arraigned in court over her alleged obsession to kill and in the process stabbed her teenage boyfriend in the chest while they were about to have sex in her home.

Zoe Adams, 19, dressed in clown make up and put a pillow over 18 year old Kieran Bewick’s head to make the death sexier.

She then told the 18-year-old “trust me” before stabbing him in the chest, arm and thigh with a ten inch blade, jurors heard.

Adams, who was fascinated by serial killers, had allegedly earlier asked Kieran if he was prepared to be tied up after smoking £20 worth of cannabis and downing half a bottle of vodka.

Carlisle Crown Court heard his description of the attack in a police interview shown to jurors – including how Adams had appeared wearing the clown make up as he lay in bed.

He said;

“She said ‘does this scare you?’ and I said ‘no, can you go and wash it off? She was just standing there staring at me and I kept repeating ‘can you go and wash it off’.

“She had diamond eyes, and a Joker mouth, with red lipstick on the lips, and she had her hands behind her back. She had a weird smirk on her face.”

Kieran, who has a fear of clowns, claimed Adams had joked about it being the “Kieran Killer” outfit before asking him: “What will you let me do to you?”

The teen continued;

“She asked again ‘Can I tie you to the bed?’ I said no, and then she said ‘put the pillow over your face then, it is kinkier that way. So I put the pillow on my head. She had been tracing with her finger on my chest and asked ‘do you really love me?’

“I said ‘yes’. She said: ‘Do you really want me?’ I said ‘Yes’. She put her hand behind her back, I thought that she had my phone. She said ‘put the pillow back on your face, trust me’. That’s when she stabbed me. I did not feel pain, but I felt the bleeding. I felt my lung pop and squirt blood.”

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