Mom Stabbed Daughter Several Times Because Of The Way She Was Reading

An American mom has been charged to court after she reportedly stabbed one of her daughter for about 70 times just because she didn’t like the way the girl was reading and also staring at her.

It is alleged that Taheerah Ahmad, 39, took a pickaxe to 11-year-old’s head then set their home on fire before running away with the youngest of her three daughters.

Taheerah, who was arrested a day after Monday’s vicious attack, was said by investigators to have been upset with her children ‘because of the way they were reading and looking at her.’

Police reports say that she bound and gagged all three children before attacking the eldest daughter.

The eight-year-old girl managed to help her sister, nine, escape who then went to a neighbour for help.

Police arrived to find the older daughter in the burning home while Ahmad and the youngest child had gone missing.

The arrest report said the eldest girl fought back while Ahmad was restraining her three daughters, which prompted Ahmad to stab her an estimated ’50 to 70 times.’

The report said Ahmad also struck the girl over the head several times with a pickaxe before setting the house on fire.

The 11-year-old, who is in a critical condition, had dozens of stab wounds to the torso along with puncture wounds to her legs, neck, hands and face, according to the report.

The report said Ahmad wanted to burn down the residence to ‘further ensure that (the 11-year-old) was dead.’

The report says investigators also interviewed Ahmad’s 9-year-old daughter, who said her mother had held her and her sisters hostage for a week prior to the attack and ‘forced them to stay in their rooms without food or water.’

The girl also said her mother threatened to stab the daughters if they attempted to leave their rooms and became very upset with the girls on the day of the attack, referring to at least one of them as ‘the devil,’ according to the report.

Ahmad was being held Wednesday on complaints of arson, child abuse and assault and battery with the intent to kill. She was jailed without bond.

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