Nigerian Men Shares Hilarious Spiteful Things Women Did To Them

Nigerian men on Twitter yesterday shared hiliarious spiteful things women have ever done to them. The stories will leave you in stitches!

Twitter user @Unkle_K started the hilarious thread when he tweeted:

Fellas what’s a spiteful thing a woman has done to you? (Please this is supposed to be a humorous thread before you accuse me of tryna demonise women or some shit).

I was 2 hours late to work because a girl changed my phone clock in my sleep after an argument ????
In my head I was thinking hmm this sleep is too sweet something is wrong but I didn’t open my eyes. When I checked the time it was 10am

Gave her my McDonalds to hold while I was driving and she threw it out the window. She emptied the cup out the car and put the empty cup back in the cup holder.

Sent an abundance of nudes and nasty messages telling me to come over. When I arrived this is how she announced she’s on her period. I was just standing there with a semi like this

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