Student Landed In hospital Bed Over A Slap From The Teacher (See Photos)

A Chinese teacher slapped a student so hard that he had a concussion and ended up in a hospital.

The teacher in east Cina has been sacked after he repeatedly slapped a student so hard it left a bright red palm print on his face.

The student identified by his nickname Xiaochen suffered trauma to his eye and concussion after being slapped and hit 12 times by his Chinese teacher, named locally as Sun Yingchun.

The instructor in Suyu High School was reportedly punishing the boy for chatting with his classmate during a self-study session on Tuesday.

His fellow students reported that Mr Yingchun had hit a female student, before turning the full force of his fury to Xiaochen.

He was diagnosed with injuries to his left ear, a concussion, soft tissue injuries and several burst vessels near his eye, according to the report.

He also suffered partial temporary hearing loss.

The incident has been reported to the city’s Education Ministry and Xiaochen’s family has also filed a police report. The school has agreed to pay for Xiaochen’s medical expenses.

The school has also dismissed the teacher and reportedly deducted his bonus from the previous academic year.

It is unclear whether the teacher would be charged by the police.

See photos below;

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