Tobi Bakre Reveals His Ready To Act N u d e In S e x Scenes Only In Hollywood

Big brother Naija star, Tobi Bakre who sat for a new interview disclosed that he is ready to act or play $ex scene roles for Hollywood, but not in Nollywood.

The reality show star who admitted that one has to be versatile when it comes to acting, told Reporters in the interview;

”What I love about acting is the fact that you have the power to be anything. If you are given a script whether you like the character or not, you have to act the part. Every role you are given has to be challenging because you have got to do it well. When they say be a mad man, I am able to lay it out.

For me when it comes to acting you have to be versatile, you can’t really limit yourself, except it is a role preaching immorality to a large extent I am not going to take that.

As for $ex scenes roles, in Hollywood I would consider that, but not in Nollywood.”

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